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Breast Enhancement Costa Rica

If you are thinking about breast implants in Costa Rica, whether you are looking to enlarge, lift, reduce and/or reshape your breast, you must first realize the changes you are going to get will be permanent.

Gabriel A. Peralta, M.D. has been practicing plastic surgery in Costa Rica since 1987, and is a qualified surgeon to perform breast enhancement in Costa Rica. His plastic surgery clinic has been an award winner by the Global Organization for Excellence in Health (GOEH). He is board certified by the Costa Rican College of Physicians and Surgeons, with a practice that provides a caring, professional, and safe environment to meet your plastic surgery desires and overall personal satisfaction.

It is always best to do your research before receiving any type of plastic surgery procedure and to ask plenty of questions during your initial consultation with our plastic surgeon in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Dr. Peralta uses various types of incision locations for breast augmentation such as:

  • Inframammary (at or near the natural breast crease)
  • Axillary (under the armpit region)
  • Periareolar incisions (the darker skin surrounding the nipple)

Patients can also choose from different implant locations, such as below the natural breast tissue (submammary), above the chest muscle (subglandular) or below the chest muscle and above the chest wall (submuscular). Dr. Peralta can also create an implant pocket that is supported by the chest muscle, while the remaining portion sits between the chest muscle and the breast tissue. He also offers round or shaped silicone gel (silicone gel-filled) or saline implants (saltwater-filled and outer covering shell made in silicone) breast implants.

Precise surgery techniques and state-of-the-art instruments and equipment allow Dr. Peralta to offer his patients 24-hour return to full normal activities. Dr. Peralta uses only FDA-approved breast implants from Mentor and Allergan (Inamed) because they make a rigorous medical testing.

Other considerations in choosing a breast implant include your existing breast size, the amount of natural breast tissue you have and the breast size (cc) you want to achieve. The dimension of your chest wall and your overall physical build are factors in choosing type and size of an implant. The symmetry between your breasts, how the breast or the nipple may differ in size, shape, position are also important factors to take into consideration. Remember you will change the breast size not the nipple size and shape, if you want to correct this you will need incisions to change this anatomy with subsecuent scars. Annual examinations with mammography or breast ultrasound are advised to assess the condition of your breast implants. Also is very important proper support with bra, remember the results are not permanent, weight loss or gain and natural age changes occur to the body and skin, even with breast implants. During your consultation with Dr. Peralta, you can discuss these variables and ask questions so that you understand everything that has been explained to you.

Some of the questions you might want to ask yourself before getting a breast augmentation:

  • Am I healthy physically and psychologically?
  • What are my goals and expectations?
  • Do I know the potential risks and benefits of breast enhancement?
  • What are my other options to obtain my goals?
  • Do I have time and dedication for this procedure, as well as for the planning appointments?

For additional information on what you should know before undergoing a breast enhancement surgery, visit our procedures pages. You can also view before and after plastic surgery photos to see excellent patient results from this procedure.
You may also be interested in other plastic surgery procedures for overall body contouring results, such as “lipoplasty,” or “liposculpture.” Our Costa Rica liposuction surgeon, Dr. Peralta, can use this procedure to get rid of excess fat. He can also perform tummy tuck surgery (“abdominoplasty”) to flatten the abdominal region.

To schedule a consultation for breast enhancement, our Costa Rica plastic surgeon can be directly reached at (506) 2296-6644, or for a U.S. number, please call (954) 281-8534. If you prefer, you can fill out your information on our online contact form.





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