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Buttocks Augmentation - Aesthetic Surgery
Buttocks implants costa rica
Hips liposuction, gluteal implants
Buttock augmentation and liposuction
Gluteal improvement liposuction, fat graftingButtocks augmentation and liposuction
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Buttocks Augmentation

Recently, the buttocks region has been considered of a very important, secondary sexual character. Making its augmentation a frequently requested surgery.

This is an outpatient surgery and is done under general anaesthesia, lasting 3 hours approximately.

Hanson solid implants are used in this surgery; they’re introduced through an incision hidden in the crease between the buttocks. These are placed under the fascia that covers the gluteal muscle.

With this procedure, patients can resume their normal activities in 1 or 2 days. Nevertheless, rest is convenient for at least 1 to 2 weeks.

This is not a painful procedure, though the patient may feel mild to moderate local discomfort for three to five days.


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