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Ears Surgery

When comparative judgement is made of the various types of facial anomalies and their social and psychological consequences, it is often assumed that the degree of psychological distress caused is directly related, proportionate to the severity of the deformity.

Those deviations that are neither disfiguring nor repugnant to look are regarded as minor.

This is not valid: abnormalities of the ear tend to stimulate undue attention and jokes, creating intense shame and anguish, that begins in childhood but remains well into adolescence and adulthood.

This is an outpatient surgery which I prefer to do under general anaesthesia and takes about 2 hours in most cases.

Prominence of the ear is a variable deformity demanding a careful analysis and variable treatment. Most deformities result from a failure of the ear to fold back, an enlarged concha (the concave cavity in the middle of the ear) or a combination of both.

The severity of each contributing factor must be determined before treatment.

Its recovery tends to be uneventful with only mild to moderate, local discomfort, permitting usual activities in about 1 or 2 days. However, athletic activity and sports must be avoided for 3 weeks.


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