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Rhinoplasty - Aesthetic Surgery
rhynoplasty operation rhynoplasty operation rhynoplasty operation
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rinoplasty surgery rinoplasty surgery rinoplasty surgery
 rhynoplasty operation  rhynoplasty operation  rhynoplasty operation
 rhynoplasty operation
rinoplasty surgery
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The nose is one of the most prominent and noticeable of all facial features. Its appearance in relation to other facial features has an immense effect on your overall appearance.

In addition, the nose performs critical functions allowing passage of air for breathing and controlling the condition and flow of air before it reaches the lungs.

Surgical procedures directed towards improving the external appearance of the nose are termed Rhinoplasty.

Operative procedures to correct functional nasal problems are called septoplasty or sub mucous resection.

Rhinoplasty, septoplasty and sub mucous resection are operations which are accomplished through small incisions inside the nose or inconspicuously, on the outside of the nose; they may be done separately or in conjunction, depending on the nature and extent of the deformities involved.

It’s an ambulatory surgery, taking 1 1/2 - 3 hours and is done under general anaesthesia. At the completion of the procedure, my goal is to place no packings or splints inside your nose, so you’ll be able to breath through it.

I try to avoid bruising but some times it may happen. When this occurs, it’s usually minimal.

You will be able to do most things the next day after surgery, avoiding things which could affect the nose and athletic activity for at least 2 weeks.


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